Waterfall Person

i've heard waterfall person twice while listening to radio, one of the songs was about waterfall person being a celebrity which means that the song was accurate and reliable as i consider waterfall person a celebrity - Wei Huang, mailing list fan

Fun music to sing along with, I like the keyboard tones a lot - Edwin Jose Morais Jr., fan

I'm a fan of the enthusiasm of the waterfall person. - @EshninerForest, twitter user and fan

it's like hearing a fun sermon that you think you remember but actually someone just made up for piano playing - @simonjkaris, record store guy

I think about your dog park song every time I ride my bike past the dog park on Canning St. - @starlajo, person.

I still laugh about that one bit where you wanted to stagedive with Bum Creek, months later - Luke Rowell, Whacky Musician

The first time I heard a Waterfall Person song I couldn't help but exclaim this at the end of the track: "Oh buddy! Come on! Nice going. How about that!? I'll take all of that you got! That was wonderfall!" And Annabelle continues to blow me away with every new track. Amazing music, incredible performer, intimidatingly witty -- an inspiration. I can't wait for more songs, shows, and film clips. Tldr: Waterfall Person rocks! -Luke Hand: friend, super fan, and like-minded soul.

Waterfall person: A testimonial. I first encountered Waterfall in the summer of 2012. Or was it 2013? Or 2011? I'm not sure it was summer either. Actually I don't think Waterfall person existed in 2011 or 2012. What was important about this fateful first meeting is that we would never know that in 1 or 2 or 3 years we would decide to begin our own band, but then we would never practice or actually form the band. Waterfalls normally start at the top and come crashing down, but in the case of Waterfall person, she is the type of artist who will continue to fall upwards. You can see her at her gigs sometimes falling upwards (her dance moves are unparalleled in the waterfall world). Sometimes her jokes bomb during performance, but actually that is her skill: bombing artfully. Another feature of her live performances is this tendency to finish with a Ricky Martin classic "she bangs". Is this a subtle coded reference to Waterfall's own vision of her performances? Does she bang? Like most great artists there are heaps of contradictions and paradoxes that will keep the fans guessing. Like all good waterfalls, Waterfall Person is: entertaining, watery, misty, memorising, chaotic and ordered, natural phenomenon, contains water, requires gravity, features in calendars and the great postcards of this world. Five stars ★★★★★ - Charlie Sofo, ghost lyricist to hit songs Coffee and Halloween (what does it all mean?), acting manager and fan

The thing i really like about Waterfall Person as well as her hit songs is her wonderful attitude. I can actually SENSE the fun she is having, even if she is feeling embarrassed. I like it when she really goes bananas and does unexpected dance moves. Plus she is really really cute, not in a twee way, but in a ballsy idgaf get out of my way way.- Caroline Maria Anderson, cousin & fan

Waterfall Person is Annabelle and 1-20 keyboard friends depending on how many she has batteries for or can be bothered carrying to the rock show. she is a really cool sister and friend and I really like her music! have you heard her lyrics? they're about frogs and bread and sunsets, I love it! I've been to every show except two when I was sick so I stayed home and listened to waterfall person instead. ok i didn't really listen to waterfall person, i watched romantic comedies and ate toast in bed. I live with waterfall person and sometimes I hear her rehearsing or recording, it's great! I can give you a hot tip that she has some good songs that haven't been released yet so stay tuned!
- Alana, waterfall person's manager, sister and fan

i like your instrumental pieces, especially your playing the.. your.. um.. keyboards. - Mum and fan until the 12th of never

watefalz pesren iz a danq bich! lol i am a fan and i no her from the art scene #melebrn swag do a rank music. - hela trol pis, housemate and fan

i used waterfall person and it changed my life! - derk chamberlin, local businessman

'always good shoes' - Danny Cool, fan

I'm a part of the Waterfall Person fan club but I still haven't got my card yet! (hey whats up with that?!) I have been to a lot of WP's rock shows they are always entertaining to watch. Great banter and jokes even though I know all the punch lines (that just makes them funnier.) Favorite tracks: Dog Park, I'm a Spy, Coffee, I really like this. - Dani Damage, fellow Goff band member and fan

'I really like this. Oh yes please.' - Edun Bell Gold, fan

i always listen to waterfall person by accident!! - Alana, waterfall person's manager?, sister and fan